HTML5 banner

Nowadays websites are one of the most rewarding advertisement surfaces for any company. When someone notices an advertisement while reading a website, the consumer is just one click away from your business.

It wouldn’t be a good investment if the advertising space wouldn’t show your ad properly. How many times did you see while browsing the internet that advertisement spaces didn’t show the ad what it meant to be, beccause of a missing plug-in?

Compared to the out-dated flash animated banners, HTML5 doesn’t show much difference. It’s advantage is not in it’s appearance, it’s in the format. While flash contents need plug-ins for browser appearance, html5 banners are becoming the part of the website. It is possible because these are written in the same programming language as the website itself.  It is also successful because some web browsers stopped supporting flash banners.

If a company invests in advertisement, they should not neglect that the ad appears everywhere, in every browser and every computer. Every advertisement which is not working properly is a waste of money.

HTML 5 banner

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